Poplar Homes – Snoqualmie Valley Property Management understands apartment management is a vital part of a real estate investor’s portfolio. SVPM will be a knowledgeable and dedicated third party partner assisting investors and developers in operating their multifamily properties.

Quality management service determines a strong outcome for any investment property. SVPM ‘s strong performance capabilities will add to the potential value of the property as much as construction and financing.

Marketing continuity throughout the community and within effective real estate related rental websites is a strong factor in name recognition and continual referrals. This together with SVPM’s years of successful management operation in the Valley and surrounding areas is a determining factor in quick rent up capabilities and full occupancy standards.

Poplar Homes – Snoqualmie Valley Property Management’s hands on operating approach produces higher occupancy, lower expenses and long term occupancy resulting in fewer costly turnovers.

Poplar Homes SVPM provides multi family property management in King County as follows:

  • Local market knowledge.
  • Marketing expertise and continual web advertising.
  • Current updated multi family lease with rules and regulations.
  • Staff management: Knowledgeable supervision and training of onsite personnel
  • Collection of rent priority
  • Monthly financial statements/year end financial statements/copies of expenses


  • Repairs
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Improvements /amenities maintenance
  • Security provisions
  • Emergency services – 24 hour contact
  • Eviction services when needed

Poplar Homes – Snoqualmie Valley Property Management fee is straight forward and applicable to each individual project. Contact us so that we may be able to lend our ideas and services to play an important and successful role in your property operation and development.

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