Poplar Homes – Snoqualmie Valley Properties wants their tenants to have a smooth move in experience when entering their commercial or residential property. Follow the instructions below and this will assist you in negotiating the stressful task of moving into your new home or office.

  • Electricity & Gas: Puget Sound Energy (PSE) 888-225-5773 must be notified to transfer service into your name 24 hours prior to move-in. Please obtain your new account # to provide us so we can verify. (If applicable)
  • Water/Sewer/Trash: Call your local city to notify them of the transfer of service into your name 24 hours prior to move-in. Please obtain your new account # to provide us so we can verify. (If applicable)
  • Rent is due on the 1st of the month, you may pay by check (made to “Poplar Homes”). You will not be billed, if the payment is not received by the 2nd you will be assessed a late fee as set forth in your lease agreement.
  • Keys can be picked up from our office on the day you are authorized to move in.
  • Emergencies are to be reported to the management company. When you move in please be aware of the location of the water turn off valve (if applicable) and breaker box. Emergency Phone 206-735-2683
  • Move-in Inspection Form is a part of the lease.
Tenant is responsible for the following:
  • Yard care, if applicable (mentioned in the lease)/watering (by hand if sprinklers broken) Minor trimming, pruning & weeding beds
  • Testing and changing batteries in smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Changing all inoperable light bulbs (60 watt maximum) and fluorescent tubes in easily accessible light fixtures. If applicable
  • Keep dryer vents & house vents inside & out clean
  • Pest control (for details please call the office)
  • Inside & outside window cleaning
  • Tenant is responsible for all maintenance of water softener and water purification systems (if applicable).
  • Drain stoppage (clogging) when caused by tenant.  Do not put potato peelings, onion skins, or artichoke trimmings through the disposal.  Any other food placed in the disposal should have water run through the drain for at least 10 seconds after grinding.  This carries the food out to the main sewer.
  • Payment of rent or other charges as determined by lease and addendum.
  • Do not use the drop-in cleaners in the tank of the toilet.  This will destroy the rubber in the fittings.  The type that clip to the bowl edge are best.
  • No foreign items are to be flushed away.  This includes: baby wipes, tampons, diapers, paper towels, dental floss, clumping kitty litter, etc.  these items will clog the drain and you will be charged for the repairs.

This is only a partial list, please refer to your lease and addendums for clarification and may not apply to all properties.

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